FlowerGirlHairstyle.com was mom inspired to help other mother of flower girls to find an easy to style hairdo for thier little girls. Our conservative, easy-to-style hairdos for young girls are perfect for wedding flower girls but wonderful for pageant girls as well.

Owned by a mother with three young children, Flower Girl Hairstyle was started in the summer of 2006. After searching for the perfect hairstyle for one of her daughter’s first ballet recital, a hairstylist secret was learned that changed everything! Wishing she had know how to add beautiful curls to her daughters hair for her brothers wedding this site was born.

Don’t miss our brand NEW little girls hairstyling video on our sister site! We show how to stley the Flower Girls Pull-Back Hairstyle. See our siter site, www.littlegirlhairstyles.com for more beautiful hairdos for young girls.  We even offer a book with step-by-step photos that make it so easy you will wonder what you did before Curls for Girls – the hairstylist secrets revealed! Thank you for your interest!